Версия на български

This is a 15th sentury austrian receipt for stuffed eggs.

Original receipt:
Wildu machen gehalbirte ayer, so sewd die ayer hert, vind schel sy, vnd sneid sy von ein ander, vnd nim den totern heraus, vnd hack In, vnd petersily dar vnder, vnd wurez ez, vnd salcz, vnd mach ez ab mit eim ander ay, vnd full es In daz weis, vnd pack sy dann In ein smalcz… oder gib sy pachnew aus strawben taig. 

If you wish to make half eggs, hard-boil them, peel them, and cut them in two. Remove the yolk, and chop it and add parsley, spices, salt, and one uncooked egg. Fill this mixture into the egg halves, and fry them in lard… or serve them fried in batter.

– Birkhan, Helmut. “Some Remarks on Medieval Cooking: The Ambras Recipe-Collection of Cod. Vind. 5486.” Food in the Middle Ages. A Book of Essays. New York and London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1995.

One could add some vinegar or pomegranate juice. Fry teh eggs first with the stuffed side down, then the bottoms untill get brown.